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Minimum wage in California

Starting January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in California increases from $15.50 to $16.00 per hour regardless of business size.

Additionally, the sick hours that an employee can accumulate increases from 24 to 40 annually.

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Formaliza tu corporacion o LLC

Formalize your Business

Find out how you can formalize your business or incorporate it either as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. 

Bookkeeping  and payroll services. 
Representaciones ante el IRS

Representations before the IRS

If you find yourself behind on your taxes or have a debt with the IRS or FTB, At Latino Help we are approved with a federal license to represent you in debt audits and negotiations.


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Obten o Renueva tu ITIN



Renew your ITIN  if you have not filed taxes in the last 3 years, if you received a letter from the IRS or if your ITIN has the specified number  by the IRS. We are certified for this process and you will NOT have to send your original documents.

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Covered California


Covered California

Get medical coverage through Covered California.

You could get it anywhere of the year.

If you are low-income we can help you obtain Medi-Cal.

Small business group plans available!


CA EIC para familias de bajos ingresos


Earned Income Credit in  California (CA EITC)

 Credit available for families with lower incomes  at $30,950.00 a year.  Households with parents with ITIN are also benefited. This credit increases your refund.   Families with cash income also qualify.



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Conoce Nuestros Servicios


Formalize your Business


Obtain or Renew your ITIN


Get Health Insurance and Save on Your Taxes

Online tax return services

From wherever you are, review and sign your taxes electronically using your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Start the process today!
Service available all year round!

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Find out how 

Donald Trump's Tax Reform 

impacts your tax return

 (Effective from 2018 to 2025)

Cambios en leyes


What applies to individual taxpayers


What applies to businesses

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