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In LATINO HELP, Our only goal as professionals is to serve our people with very good intentions based on honesty and quality, two words that characterize us and distinguish us from the competition.

Our commitment is to work for our clients. Based on tax laws and regulations. Our main purpose has always been, is and will be that the work that LATINO HELP offers is the best, in quality and service.

Throughout this time, we have worked with clients ranging from a simple tax return to people who have a business. This has caused that for several years we are number one in the Hispanic market.

We are authorized professionals by the IRS and we have the corresponding licenses to exercise our services.

LATINO HELP not only works the tax season, but it stays open throughout the year, except holidays.

Our growth is a result of our work and effort.

Our staff is always up to date, attending seminars, refresher courses, and IRS lectures, always offer the best of services.

Non-binding and confidential consultation. Call us today!

Personal Taxes

Whether you are single or married, with or without dependents, we will explain in detail how you can save on taxes and what credits you could get.

Business Taxes

Do you work on your own? And / or Are you interested in forming a formal company such as a Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

Do you already have your own business?

You worry about the important thing:

Your customers!

Let us help you with finances

Have you just arrived to this country or you have years that you have not done taxes?

We will help you process your ITIN.



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